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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

CHOCOLATIER - Chocolate Shop - Streets of Paris Event

Good news, the first of multiple tenants has moved into the building, and it is the Chocolatier.
Surrounded by beautiful bay windows crammed with delicious treats and shaded by pink and brown awnings the Chocolate Shop is a lovely addition to the building.  
At night, the lights in the windows illuminate the sweets.
On the side are a cute wrought iron table and chair set accented with a trellis and potted plant, a perfect place to sit and enjoy your purchases and a cup of tea.
The inside is bursting with even more goodies displayed in cabinets, glass shelving, and glass cases.  From the ceiling hangs soft lighting (made with tea lights & vellum.)
The pink bags and boxes sitting around the store are from my NEW Chocolate Shop Bags & Boxes collage sheet.
To complement the shop, I’ve created a NEW Chocolate Shop collage sheet filled with posters, signage and other shop related images.  There is also a NEW digital image set which contains everything that you will find on the Chocolate Shop and Bags & Boxes collage sheet, plus several awnings, and more posters and shop related images.  The image set details are below.
The bay windows which I think are the star of the shop are made using NEW easy to assemble chipboard kits.  I’ve used two of the three styles for the Chocolatier.  The new Chocolate Shop digital image set contains a series of awnings that are sized to fit the new windows.   
In this video tutorial, I’ll cover architectural changes I made to customize the store, additional furnishings, lighting, bay windows, a wraparound sidewalk, signage and new image sets.

This collage sheet includes images to decorate the inside and outside of a chocolate, patisserie or cake shop.  Included are posters, signs, a clock, and chocolate-themed invoices.
This collage sheet contains a variety of Chocolate Shop box and bag designs and sizes.  Some labels fit the round and square cookie tins and the narrow matchbox carried by AlphaStamps, a label that fits a standard small matchbox and various other sized labels.
This digital image set includes items to decorate the inside and outside of a chocolate, patisserie or cake shop.  There are a total of 69 images including the ones found on the Chocolate Shop & the Chocolate Shop Bags & Boxes collage sheet.  Included are:
  • Paris Shop Scene
  • Wrought Iron Door
  • Clock
  • 15 Posters
  • 6 Signs
  • 2 Window Glass Signs (These fit the 2 column and large center window rectangular bay windows)
  • 7 Bags & Boxes
  • 4 Invoices
  • Five sets of easy to assemble window awnings in three styles.  Two of the styles come in both a large and small size. Included are trim pieces with lettering and trim without allowing you to customize the trim.  The awnings fit the three styles of Rectangular Bay Windows, or you can use them over the windows and doors of the French Quarter Two Story Room Box.


NOTE: Since I have covered making the sweets and display cases in other videos, in this tutorial I’m going to focus on putting the Chocolate Shop together.

Feel free to download the stained glass image to use in your projects.

Architecture Trims Download - Digi Image Set – White Tile – Ceiling
Scalloped Gingerbread Trim Strips – Trellis Extension
¼ Inch Square Wooden Dowels – Ceiling Supports
1:12 Bookcase – Used 2
Dazzles Gold Thin Lines Stickers – Windows, Lighting, Glass Shelves Trim
Raw Brass Long Filigree – Square - glass shelves
Rectangular Bronze Filigree – Bay window glass shelves
Antique Gold Rope-Edged Rondelles – Used 2 per light
Remnants Scrapbook Paper - Beaumont – I used 4 sheets including the extension.  If you don’t do the extension 3 sheets is enough
Red, Ivory & Pink Patterns Scrapbook Paper Set – Used the pink strip for a window.  I’ll be using the red stripe for the Café window.
Heartland Scrapbook Paper – Red Rose Ball – Used for a window

Wednesday, April 25, 2018


The Streets of Paris project event continues with the construction of the structure that will house the shops.  My approach is to connect three 2-Story Room Box French Quarter kits.
I wanted the height and style of each structure to vary which I accomplished by using the new French Quarter Short Roof on each side of the structure and the new French Quarter Open Roof in the middle.  
To further add interest to the row of shops I am staggering the shops by recessing the middle kit.  In the video tutorial, I demonstrate the paint technique I used for the exterior.
Art Decor Silicone Mold - Renaissance
The decorative stonework is made of clay using the Renaissance Art Decor Silicone Mold which is packed with decorative designs.
The main entrance door includes beautiful stained glass and an elegant wrought iron and glass door made out of sandwiching faux glass with two Folding Screen Fretwork Inserts.  You’ll find the stained glass image further down in the post. 
Inside the rooms are papered and ready for their new occupants.  An elevator will be installed to take customers from the first to the second floors.
The holes I cut for the future elevator are not only functional but let in lots of light coming through the open roof.
Since the house of fashion will be occupying multiple rooms on the second floor, I’ve cut doorways between the room kits.
Just imagine beautiful gowns showcased on the balconies.
The image below is of what will become the florist shop “L’Amour des Fleurs”.
The room will become the "Cafe Chat Noir".
And the room below will be the Chocolatier, which will be the next tutorial in the series.
You’ll notice that the building looks like it’s still under construction.  This is because in future videos I will be adding lovely external lighted display windows, awnings, doors, signage and more as I cover the details of each shop.
 Not to worry if this is too big of a project to tackle as I’ll also talk about how you can make individual shops from room kits.  Of course, you could also opt to use just one or two house kits.

All of the trim work, interior window framing, and tile work comes from this digital image set.

NOTE: Since I have covered the basic assembly of the house kit in the previous Steamtown video series, in this tutorial I’m only going to cover construction techniques that are different.  If you would like detail kit assembly information click here to hop over to the first Steampunk House Video Tutorial.

Feel free to download the collage sheet and other images to use in your projects.
Stonework I used on the bottom of the exterior.
Stain glass used in the center (Florist Shop) door.


Saturday, March 31, 2018


Spring has sprung at AlphaStamps with the April Spring themed kit.  I’ve used some of the items from the kit plus other AlphaStamps products to create a Language of Flowers folder containing an ATC ticket journal and bookmark.
With a project like this, dimensional embellishments are not an option as the journal needs to fold up to fit inside the folder.  No worries though, instead I’ve used layers of images to add lots of detail.
In addition to all of the lovely older and new AlphaStamps collage sheets, I used my new Nature’s Creatures collage sheet.

Further down in this post you’ll find all of the details on how I put this piece together and the lovely images I used.

This sheet is packed with nature’s small creatures such as birds, butterflies, bees, dragonflies, and snails.

I started by covering the ticket journal with Nature Garden Meeting a Fairy Scrapbook Paper .  I used this paper to cover the folder as well.     
Next, I added images from the Mix of Spring Beauties,  Vintage Sepia Children, and the Lovely Sepia Ladies ATCs collage sheets.  Each image is framed using an image from my Vintage Frames Set Download.
For embellishments, I used the Seed Catalog ATCs and Bouquet collage sheets
For embellishments, I used the Seed Catalog ATCs and Bouquet collage sheets.  
To accent the flowers I snipped off leaves from a green leaf garland and stitched leaf ribbon.  Lastly, I added birds, butterflies, dragonflies, and snails from the new Nature’s Creatures collage sheet.
I used more of the decorative paper to cover the folder.
I cut away some of the bottom of a large tag, covered it with the Garden Tools scrapbook paper, added an image from The Language of Flowers collage sheet and the bee, butterfly, and snail from the Nature’s Creatures collage sheet.  The tassel at the top is from my stash.
Before adding the images on the front and back, I attached a ribbon to serve as a closure.
The front cover is decorated with another image from The Language of Flowers collage sheet along with more flowers (on the back as well) and nature’s creatures.