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Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Shakespeare Theater Presents A Midsummer's Night Dream and Giveaway

This month’s theme at AlphaStamps is Theaters.  For my theater, I chose to portray a scene from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer’s night dream.

At center stage, is Titania (Fairy Queen) and Puck (a fairy or sprite) sitting in the woods.
Down below, Bottom (whose head has been turned in to an ass by Puck) is lurking in the trees.
Within and around the center stage, are all kinds of woodland fairies.
You can see the audience avidly watching the play from their box seats.

Yes, you read it right, I am giving away this theater.  When you are finished reading this post, and if you are interested, you will want to hop over to AlphaStamps to get the details on how to win my Shakespeare Theater which will be available Sunday morning February 24th.

The center of the theatre is made from the Punch & Judy Theatre chipboard kit
First, I painted the inside of the opening green and then started adding greenery from the Forest Theatre Backdrops Collage Sheet & the Rustic Trees & Foliage Collage Sheet.
To create a 3D effect, I layered the images using double-stick tape and beads.

I used The Marionnettes Theatre Collage Sheet for the front and attached it to the Arched Top Theatre Façade.  
To further embellish the front, I added curtains, and at the top and bottom, bits of the pediment image from the Large Theatre Curtains, Columns & Box Seat Set of digital images.
All of the images of fairies you see in the opening of the theatre and around the outside are from the Fairy Ballerinas Collage Sheet.  And the butterflies are from the Butterflies & Moths Collage Sheet; you'll also find them in the digital kit version.
The image of the character “Bottom” peaking out from behind the tree is from my stash.  You’ll find it further down in the post, so feel free to download it and use it for your art.
Inside the theatre opening, I added an image from the Mischievious Cupid Collage Sheet and dressed them up with crowns from the Natures Crowns Collage Sheet, then added wings from my stash. I added an ear to Puck to make him look more elvish or sprite-like as opposed to a cherub.
I glued a bead on the bottom back to give me something to attach the image to the floor of the opening.

For the side panels, I used a combination of images from the Large Theatre Curtains, Columns & Box Seat Set of digital images.  
I printed the columns multiples times so that I could cut out bits of the image and layer them on top of the original to create a 3D look.

I had some of the column bits left over, so I added them to the center section to tie the center and the sides together.
I made the column area narrow enough so that I could make the box bow out making it look 3D.
The couples sitting in the box seats are from the 1830s Gents & Ladies Fashion #1 Collage Sheet.
To cover the back and sides of the theater and to hide any exposed areas of the side panels, I used three different scrapbook papers; Red Rose Ball, Devoted & Love Song Serenade.
To cover the opening of the sides of the center section, I used curtains from the Gatefold Square Shrine Curtains Collage Sheet.

Feel free to download the images below and use them in your artwork.


Wednesday, January 10, 2018


The inspiration for the first shadowbox comes from this month’s kit at AlphaStamps; The Snow Queen Kit Through the window you can see a little boy having a magical experience encountering the frosty Snow Queen.  She sparkles in the frosty night and the boy looks on with wonder.  Flanking the window scene are various snowflakes, frosty picks and beads.
The inspiration for the second shadowbox comes from the new Taj Mahal Shadowbox Lid.  Inside is a beautiful bejeweled mysterious woman.  The scene is decorated with blue curtains, a marble column, hanging lanterns, borders and a jeweled star and moon.
In the post below I’ll walk through how I assembled each shadowbox and the products I used.

The structure of the shadow box is made from the Double Pane Window Shadowbox Lid and a 4” x 6” Shadowbox.
I started by painting the area around the window cutout blue.  Next, I painted the window overlay white.
I lined the inside of the shadowbox with Aqua Blue Sponged Background Scrapbook Paper.
Next, I glued an image from the SnowQueen Collage Sheet.  It’s popped up with double stick foam tape so that it is easier to see through the windows.  I’ve also accented the image with Diamond Stickles.
To the bottom front, I added a Snowflake Border painted white.
To the side I added a Silver Juniper Pick painted blue using Alcohol Ink and Clear Iridescent and White Pearl Beaded Garland.
I also added leaves from the Silver Leaf Collage Sheet and covered them in Twinklets Diamond Dust.
The final touch was the addition of Iridescent Clear Icicle Confetti Mix which made me think of falling snow. 

The structure of the shadow box is made from the Taj Mahal Shadowbox Lid and a 4” x 6” Shadowbox.
I lined the inside of the shadowbox and the front of the Taj Mahal Lid with Faded Cream Wallpaper Scrapbook Paper.
The image I used is from the Pale Beauties Collage Sheet.  I printed it out twice, attached one image to the back of the shadowbox and cutout the woman from the other copy of the image.
I popped up the cutout image and added flat back pearls and rhinestones to give the woman sparkle and dimension.
To one side of the box I added a Blue Side Curtain with Fringe Download image which I printed twice.  For depth, I cutaway part of one curtain and layered the curtains together separated by double foam stick tape.
To the bottom of the box I added chipboard Stained Glass Border which I painted gold.  I added the negative of the border (chipboard left over when you remove the border) to the top and also painted it gold.
To the left side I added a column from the Garden Urns Collage Sheet.

I hung lanterns from the Lanterns Collage Sheet suspended by metallic stickers from my stash.
I then added a Gold Dresden Halo behind the image of the woman as well as a Fancy Gold Dresden Rosette to the bottom right corner of the shadowbox
The final touch was a moon from the Bejeweled Moon Collage Sheet to which I added rhinestones and a Glitter Star Ornament.